hey i just want to say that if another disgusting old man winks at me at work i might have to poison his coffee 

and by “poison” i mean put sugar in it because chances are he’ll be a diabetic bc 99% of our customers are it seems


at a donut shop


Gold Panda | You

just realized my archive goes all the way back to november 2011 and it’s highly embarrassing oops


by Kaethe Butcher

ha does it mean i suck as an artist if i say i don’t really care at all about the finished product ever?? 

honestly all i care about is the experience of drawing or painting something and after that sometimes it’s cool to see how it turned out vs. how i expected it to turn out but usually i just keep things in my portfolio to collect dust and never get looked at again

when i sent in my drawing hometests for art school i had to fold them both in half and everyone always freaks out about folding their work and treats it like its some really annoying thing but i had no problem with folding it at all 

and i’m afraid that means i don’t give a shit about my work ever which is kind of true but really it’s about the headspace you get in while working on a project.  that’s the meaningful part.

or maybe i just don’t get attached to the physical copies because i know i also have photographs of them